Chloe Ferry warns TikTok's popular Fox Eye trend left her with 'terrible scars'

Chloe Ferry has warned fans against the popular Fox Eye trend on TikTok after she's ended up with scars on her head seven months on from having the treatment

Chloe Ferry warns TikTok's popular Fox Eye trend left her with 'terrible scars'

Chloe Ferry has shared her upset at her latest cosmetic procedure gone-wrong, in a candid post.

The 26 year old revealed painful-looking scars on the sides of her head in photos after having Fox Eye surgery, a popular treatment that has emerged among TikTok users.

The procedure is supposed to be minimally invasive and involves a dissolvable thread containing small cones being inserted under the skin to create a snatched appearance.

Chloe referenced Big Brother star Ryan Ruckledge, who has openly shared his negative experience with Fox Eye surgery, as she discussed her own scars left seven months on from having the procedure.

Chloe Ferry warned against having Fox Eye surgery after she's been left with scars from the procedure (Image: Instagram/Chloe Ferry)
The reality star posted photos of the painful-looking "dints" on the side of her face (Image: Instagram/Chloe Ferry)

She wrote on Instagram Stories: “Hi guys I've been putting this off for a bit now, but after seeing Ryan going on This Morning to speak about the Fox Eye trend, I feel like I need to tell everyone about my experience and what has happened to myself.

“I had the same procedure as Ryan done seven months ago and still to this day, I'm left with terrible scars on my face which may never go away.

I’m seeing this procedure becoming increasingly more and more popular. This may not happen to everyone but as I’m left with scars seven months later, I just wanted to take to social media just to let everyone know what had happened to myself.”

The shocking marks still remain seven months on from the emerging surgery (Image: Instagram/Chloe Ferry)
Chloe spoke out after Big Brother star Ryan Ruckledge talked about his Fox Eye procedure experience (Image: Instagram/Ryan Ruckledge)

Chloe added that she feels “self-conscious” about her face now, which makes her job, filming on TV, more difficult for her.

In the photos of herself posted, deep marks Chloe called “dints” could be seen on the sides of her forehead with sever bruising around them.

The reality star later uploaded a video as she emotionally spoke about the scars brought on by her Fox Eye treatment.

Tearing up throughout, Chloe said: “I’ve been putting this video off for so long now. I actually pre-recorded it two months ago and then I deleted it after. I kept putting it off just because I know when I’m talking about this sort of stuff, I always get backlash.

Chloe held back on discussing her bad experience as she feared the backlash she might get (Image: Instagram/Chloe Ferry)

“And I now, I’m going to get so many people saying ‘well it’s your own fault, you shouldn’t have got it done’. I know. I honestly wish I never did.

Chloe added cautiously: “But I didn’t expect when I was getting that treatment to be left with permanent scars and a dent in the side of my face.”